Our fitness program supports busy moms, corporate professionals and senior citizens who want to train, get fitter and feel better but struggle to fit it into their work and life schedules. We bring the gym to our clients through video calls via SKYPE or Face Time. Most of our fitness training programs are bespoke in nature and involves the assigned trainer logging into a video call with you, three sessions a week and taking you through an exercise program tailored to your individual needs and provide variety in the workouts making sure you are constantly being pushed beyond your comfort zone and therefore getting you the results, you want. It also features realistic, easy-to-stick-to dietary advice. With clear goals and steps to follow, it ensures that you break those bad habits and develop the good ones that will change your life. We offer a wide variety of fitness programs like Dynamic & Static strength training; Aerobic training; Circuit training; Strength and Endurance training; Stretching; Muscle toning; Cross fit workouts; Total Resistance Exercise (TRX); Balance Exercise; Flexibility Training; HIIT; Resistance Training; Speed & Power Training; Core Workout and Training & Kettle Bell Workouts and others Our Weight Loss Program is designed basis the fact that every individual has his or her own lifestyle and needs an individualized approach to changing it. Our trainer will work with you to drive a 3-pronged approach:

A. Psychological:We believe that you really are the expert in your own self-change. We are experts in fitness, diet and nutrition but only you are the expert on your own behavior. Our coaches and trainers elicit dialog around that, building on any successful changes that you have made in the past. And we develop connections about what matters to you and why it matters, understanding and empathizing with what you will miss if you leave out, say, the high-sodium snacks you have been eating. We listen to you and what your body is trying to tell you because we place more importance on healthy behaviors and you become more confident in your ability to make changes.
B. “Clean eating” means to eat the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups, embracing foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins. This includes staying away from junk foods and processed foods. When you are eating clean, you try to give your body the best fuel that is out there, which are foods that will keep you healthy and at a healthy weight. Our nutritionist and dietitian will work with your trainer to help design diets that help you through the journey.
C. Regular workout with our trainer will increase your metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight. Our trainers will combine aerobic exercise with resistance training that will maximize fat loss and ensure muscle mass maintenance, which is essential for keeping the weight off. Our programs are delivered by certified and experienced trainers (male and female) with an average experience of 10 to 12 years.